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Canadian Sites with South African content
South African High Commission
Lots of useful information about the local High Commission. Need to renew your Passport? All the information is here. They are fast too!  Situated in Ottawa
Afrique Ceramiques Plus
Alberta Immigration
Boerewors Express  
An international newsletter for South Africans
Canada South Africa Chamber of Business
Canadian Chinese Association (S.A.)
Canadian Council of South Africans
Colins Family Focus
An interesting chatty site with lots of articles and points of view.Colin has plenty of pictures and articles as well.
Canada Links
A really packed site. Lots of good content on just about anything that you can name.
Afrikaans website with articles and information about many subjects
Maak Vriende
Afrikaans site with information on moving to Canada.
Protea Club of Edmonton Alberta
A site for South Africans in Alberta or those who wish to go there.
Protea Club of London Ontario
For all the South Africans in and around the London area
South Africans coming to Canada
A forum for all South Africans living in Canada, or thinking of coming to Canada. Building a nationwide South African community with localised knowledge.
South Africans learning to love Canada
Good information on moving to Canada.
South African Club of Calgary Alberta
South Africans in Calgary
South Africans in Nova Scotia       NEW
South African Rainbow Association
A new link to an old club up in Ottawa. For all those of you in the Nations Capital!
South African Club of Windsor
South African Women for Women
A local organisation whose aim is to provide sponsorship for women back in South Africa. Also good for the networking aspect!
South African Wine Society
Virtually SA
An online magazine from out of BC that has a weekly newsletter
An Afrikaaans site about Fredericton in New Brunswick.

Useful Canadian Sites
Information and links about Toronto
Information about Ontario
Relocate Canada
SOS Canada 2000
Ministry of Transport - Ontario Drivers licences
Canadian High Commission Pretoria
Want to check the status of your application? Find out the necessary information? This is a very good site with a lot of information for the prospective immigrant.
Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Information on the process of applying immigration status and, after three years, citizenship
Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada
The people to talk to if your application is refused or you are claiming refugee status.
Immigration to Ontario
A site with links to organisations that help people to immigrate to.,and settle in, Ontario
Matrixvisa provides lots of  useful information to new immigrants: buying car, accommodation, finding work, planning a holiday,getting Canada news online, etc.
The owner is an ex-South African now living in the GTA area.
Soft Landings  
I recommend this site for general information on the whole process of moving to Canada
South African Emigration
A site that discusses the new diaspora of South Africans. Who, where, why, what and just about everything else that tries to make sense of what is happening to all the people who leave.

Overseas South African Sites
General Worldwide
Homesick South Africans
Peter Steyns travel escapades
The Rainbow Nation
RSA Overseas
Out of Africa International
A bi-monthly newsletter from Australia with news and views from South Africans worldwide.
Slapchips - South African Businesses Abroad Directory
An international site trying to catalogue S.A. businesses worldwide
South Africans Worldwide ***
South Africans Worldwide is a website that provides a lot of information for exiles in over 141 countries. There are more than 16000 members!  Need to find people? Need to find goods? Need to find BILTONG??? Advice? Then you will probably get it here.In addition there is a weekly newsletter that contains news, information, articles and plenty of advice on immigration from qualified people.
Sign up now and stay in touch with the rest of the world.
South Africans Abroad
The South African Ex-Pat webring
The South African ex-pat Zone
SA Independent
A newspaper for the South African community in Australia. It's a well laid out online newspaper too!
4Afrikaans Wereldwyd
South Africans Reunited
A site for South Africans to get reunited. Free registration but a small fee to get information like e-mail addresses etc.  
South African Jews

Country specific South African Ex-pat websites
Africa club of Queensland
SABONA the magazine for South Africans in Australia
Soft Landings - Australia
South Africans in Sydney
South Africans guide to emigrating to Australia
South African network in Adelaide
South African social club of Sydney
South African Club of Western Australia (Perth)
South African residents of Bahrain
South African Business Forum - Hong Kong
South African information on Cyprus
South African Club - Berlin
Northern Ireland South African Club
South African Social Club
South Africans in Ireland
The J@pan Bush Telegraph
South Africa Malaysia Society
Southern African Group in Oman
South African Womens Club
Springbok Online
The European Springbok
New Zealand
Afrikaans in Nieu-Seeland
From South Africa to New Zealand
South Africans in New Zealand
South Africans in Waikato
South African New Zealand Trust
South Island New Zealand Association of South Africans
Soft Landings - New Zealand
Rainbow Country - The first South African Website in Russia
Protea Club in Scotland
South Africans choosing Spain
South African Newsletter
South African - Thai Chamber of Commerce
United States of America
Africa South
Braai Connection
Emigration Network
Kalahari Bar Fort Lauderdale
NY/NJ Springbok Club
Out of Africa Club - Pacific North west area
South African Association of Indiana
South African Club in Atlanta
South African Supporters Club
South African Business Club USA
South Africans in Austin
South Africans in Colorado
South Africans in Minnesota
South African Embassy in Washington
South Africans in the North West (Washington State)
South African Ex-Pats in Dallas/Fort Worth
Springbok Club of Phoenix
Springbok Club SF Bay area/Silicon Valley
Springbok Club of Southern California
United Kingdom
Ipheji labakhuluma isiZulu - Written in Zulu!
Marula Tree
The Bottom Half - Gathering place for anyone originally from the southern hemisphere.
SA Business Club
South Africa Society
South African Club Oxfordshire
The South African UK Based South African Newspaper
Voetsak - For South Africans in the UK

Other News Sites
South African
The all-in-one official guide to South Africa.Longing for Mrs Ball's Chutney? Smart shopping tips & much more for South Africans abroad

Radio and TV Stations
Q107 -The best rock station in Toronto
Canadian Broadcast Company ( CBC - of course!)
Well I really wouldn't be a South African if I didn't put up a link or two to the local events and clubs would I?
Crusaders Rugby Club ( Oakville) Lots of events take place here. Go to the site for all the details     
                                                               needed to get there and enjoy yourself.
Braai Supplies OK I know the name says "braai" but actually they sell clothes!!
Lekkerwear custom embroidered South African wear, Springbok Jerseys, flags, videos and more.
S.A.Sports A South African website with masses of sporting information
Canada RugbyShop.Com Online shop selling clothing of all major rugby playing nations and of course lots of Team Canada stuff.

Other Sports

Some Local Food Links
Canadian Companies

Homemade traditional biltong made with authentic spices imported from South Africa.
Lots of South African food and most important of all!!!!!.....Biltong
Rooibos Tea
A South African owned pie shop in Toronto
All sorts of South African goodies that you can order online
They import all SA goodies (including Woolworths stuff)and make their own Biltong, droewors and different flavours of boerewors
A Vancouver based company with a whole host of goodies
Dollar Makers Small Business franchises available
American Companies
OK it is an American company but check out the flavours of biltong available!
South African  Companies

Sangoma in Toronto

South African Doctors in Your Area
Need to find a South African Doctor in your area? Then this worldwide database will be of help :

Webcams in and around the Greater Toronto Area
Toronto has a wonderful camera system that allows you to watch the traffic patterns.It also gives you a peek at what it looks like around the place as well. So I've put these up for you to use as well.

African Jokes
Well we wouldn't be Africans if we didn't laugh at ourselves would we????
So have a look at African Jokes which has a huge list of jokes from all over Africa.

Please let me know if you find any broken links. I attempt to check the links regularly but breaks do occur.
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