October 2001
October 28th 2001
October 22nd 2001
October 15th 2001
October 9th 2001
October 2nd 2001

October 28th 2001
Sometimes you don't know whether to laugh or cry.
Picture this if you will. There is, understandably, a big scare in North America over anthrax at the moment. Well actually panic would describe it a little better. I don't quite know why Torontonians are carrying on like they are as there have been no actual cases in Canada so far.
However the calls to 911 have increased ten fold in the last week. And here is where the absurdity comes in. Last week the Emergency services were called out to investigate a suspicious white powder that was called in. Where was this powder that was posing such a threat to the populace? That caused this total hysteria? That bought out the bio-hazard team in all their outer space garbed glory?
On a babies changing table in the toilets of a shopping centre!
As the Police spokesman pointed out: “Use your common sense people!” Which unfortunately seems the last thing being used at the moment. Here in Oakville the local Dentists send out fridge magnets every year. Name, address and plea for business. Now Canada Post has certain rules about shipping advertising mail. Extra payment appears to be part of this!  So of course these magnets were sent out in plain white envelopes with no return address. What was the upshot of this? Aside from calls to the local Police we had the ridiculous spectacle of a public apology from the dentist involved in the local newspaper. Mind you in hindsight I have this sneaky suspicion that actually the Dentist is secretly pleased with all the extra publicity.
Even our heartstring tuggers at World Vision weren't safe! At this time of the year they traditionally send out an envelope containing carrot seeds. It's in a green envelope that has the message, “Shake this envelope and hear the sound of hope!” printed on it. Once again calls to the Police, 911 and anyone remotely connected with saving the great unwashed from themselves. The local President of World Vision had to assure the local populace that they weren't intent of poisoning them. Merely relieving them of a bit of guilt money. I suppose it's back to those Saturday morning guilt fests of sad eyed (but pretty!) third world children for a while.
So far the tally of reports includes bird droppings, talcum powder, printing dust, fire extinguisher residue, carrot seeds, any white envelope and fridge magnets. Actual Anthrax cases reported in Canada? Zero!
This of course has not stopped a rush on the Bayer antibiotic Cipro at the Pharmacies. Stocks of the product have been depleted as those rich enough to afford it buy up a “just in case” amount. Even the Health Department had a little brain seizure on this one. Despite there being fairly stringent patent laws in Canada they approached a generic manufacturer to supply the product even though it was still under patent. Much backslapping from the Health Minister as to how clever they were. More back slapping from Apotex about what saviours of Canada they were. At which stage Bayer got involved and pointed out that not only could they supply, they weren't asked, it was still under patent and would the Government like a little law suit?
All hell broke loose. Accusations, and potential lawsuits, from all involved parties being the order of the day. Rock accused Bayer of lying. Asked to prove that Bayer had in fact been approached seemed to present him with a difficulty. Out came the tried and tested Liberal accusations. The Opposition was in the pay of Big Business and didn't have the good of Canadians at heart. Seeing as this was going to cost the taxpayer more than originally boasted when the dust settled this was a bit disingenuous actually, but then the Liberals never explain merely muddy the waters. It's an effective tactic so far. It's allowed lots of lies to get by!
Mind you in fairness Bayer also seemed to fudge the whole issue as to whether they had been in contact with anyone from the Health Department. The best part of this whole affair apparently being the accusation that the Minister of Health was once a legal advisor to Apotex and, even better, that this juicy little tidbit was leaked to the Opposition by none other than “interested parties” within the Liberal Party! Seems even with all the turmoil the major concern within Liberal Party ranks is the upcoming leadership race to replace Chretien. As one of the front-runners Rock hasn't exactly endeared himself with some of his gaffes! It's one thing to have a crusade against smoking. Messing with the Pharmaceutical industry is different. For those who aren't aware the ethical manufacturers mostly reside in Montreal while the generic business industry is in Toronto. Guess where Rock comes from? Incidentally this is where the Liberal Party receives most of its support as well. I will let you work out where Rocks opponents in the leadership race come from. One of whom also happens to be the Minister of Trade and has clashed with Rock over the issue of pharmaceuticals and patent laws before!  It also might explain why Rock is so vehemently opposed to patent laws and appeared to cocking a snoot at his Trade opponent!
Doesn't this remind you ever so much of the whole ridiculous shindig back in South Africa? Remember the Aids drugs fiasco a while back?
I am reliably informed however that delivery via the Postal Service in South Africa has increased tenfold. Apparently all the pilfering and opening of envelopes and parcels has dropped considerably ever since the possibility of anthrax poisoning has reared its ugly head there! So far however here in Canada we haven't had any of those idiots who think it is funny to send letters with powder in them to scare co-workers. Thank goodness! Can you imagine the turmoil?
So aside from the increase in antibiotic stockpiling, we also have more anti-depressants being poured down people's throats. Daily TV talking heads explaining post traumatic stress syndrome (No South Africans in this gab fest though. Most of whom truly do suffer from this and probably aren't aware!) and why it is “all right” to be scared!
But perhaps the most surprising has been the hysteria about Halloween. A parade of mommies all going on TV with baited breath explaining why they are “definitely” going trick or treating with Little Johnnie this year “ just in case” and how frightened they are.
Personally I would be a damn sight more scared of the parade of Little Johnnies that glared at the camera than anyone stupid enough use Halloween sweets to start a Jihad!
Send them into Afghanistan with the loot bags and we'd see how quickly the bang shoot was over!
Which reminds me that before I have the house “egged” I had better get the customary bribes ready. It's cheaper than Cipro anyway and I probably wouldn't get much sympathy from the OPP as well.

October 22nd 2001
And so Canada has this awakening with regard to terrorists. Despite the Prime Ministers loud protestations that there are no terrorists or supporting groups in Canada it turns out that in fact there are. Gosh gee whiz! Who would have thought that eh?
The CSIS rather sadly pointed out that they had in fact already given proof to the effect that there are over fifty groups actively involved in plotting acts of terror or supporting these groups here. That's not necessarily including the chap arrested last year trying to blow up Los Angeles airport, nor the Tamil Tigers supporters or the odd “refugee” who was involved in massacres in places like Rwanda or Croatia.
Then they went one better and arrested a few people who had been involved in the September 11th atrocities. Turns out that not only were there still supporters here but that a lot of the planning took place in Toronto. Including I might add printing all the fake documents and transferring funds to the terrorists in America.
Suddenly a flurry of activity had the spooks and the press unearthing all sorts of undesirables. Quite a few were arrested. Suddenly Canadians started asking questions. Like how come one of the people arrested was here illegally for over fifteen years. Even worse was the fact that he was a terrorist who murdered a person in an aborted hijack attempt in Greece. He was “exchanged” after a year in Jail in Athens when another hijacking took place. Suddenly he pops up in Canada on a bogus refugee claim. Currently under arrest he has had all the bleeding heart liberals whining about how unfair it is to deport him now.
Never mind that the majority of those identified as being involved here have all come in on “refugee” status. Not to mention the few thousand people who weren't exactly treated fairly in New York either.
Then there is the Al Quida terrorist who is known as “The Canadian”. Even had the Prime Minister giving Pakistan a stern lecture when he was wounded in an aborted bombing attempt and our dear PM was asked to intercede with the nasty Pakistan Junta. Wept copious tears and swore he was a poor misunderstood victim. The Liberals love victims and of course terrorists never lie right? Guess where he is at the moment? Afghanistan apparently.
What a naughty person to abuse the Canadian sense of fair play!
Last weekend they arrested a man here in Oakville. Had a homemade bomb in his car amongst other things. Oddly enough, despite Mr.Chretiens stern lecture not to be nasty to the Muslims and to all be friends together, this wasn't one of the nasty Canadians who give bad looks at the poor Arabs. With a name like Ali that would be pushing it a little! Suddenly we have a blackout on press reporting as to who, why and what. All we know is that an Arab was found at two in the morning wondering around Oakville with a bomb in his car.
The most insulting part of all this is that there is still an ongoing effort to appease the Muslims in Canada while I have seen no effort to make the same appeal for tolerance to the Muslim community.  Given the call for a Jihad by Bin Laden and the current anthrax scares doing the rounds I would have expected at least the same statements about Canadian principles being pointed out. But true to form it seems to be OK to make all Canadians out to be potential racists while ignoring the reverse.  Mustn't rock the potential Liberal supporters vote I suppose.
Which, I guess, is why a whole horde of Afghan “refugees” who landed at Pearson Airport last week were merely allowed to go gaily out into the night after a few quick questions. All of them getting financial help in addition. Clothing, food, housing and welfare! Not to mention the names of lawyers should they need the odd clue as to how to rip off the system! I find it particularly astonishing that with all the reports as to how many of the murderers involved in the September 11th atrocity had come into Canada as “refugees” this blatantly stupid act went ahead. The Minister responsible even had the gall to state that it was only twenty-nine people anyway.
Mind you this is a representative of the same Government that pays $80,000 for a woman's conference in BC where the major speaker stands up and states that the United States had it coming and that until the Western countries, and men, are eradicated woman will remain chattels. Isn't it nice to be able to stand up in a free country and spout drivel like that? I would be much more impressed if she did that in Afghanistan but then that might actually take more courage than these gutless wonders possess. I'm tempted to say she doesn't have the balls but the sexist Police would probably take a dim view.
Oddly enough she appears to be an East Indian which, given the problems regarding woman's rights in that region, make me even more annoyed at the total hypocrisy of it all. She, of course, is a professor at a University in British Columbia.
True to form no one in Government made any attempt to repudiate her either. So much for tolerance again!
Hate speech is fine so long as it is spouted by designated groups!
The upshot of a lot of this has been a fumbling approach toward tightening up immigration laws. Not refugee laws please note! In fact the shining advancement here appears to be an ID card for immigrants. A Canadian dompas if you will! Which will be handed out probably next year. Meanwhile will all terrorists please wait a while before attempting to enter Canada.
Mind you why bother. Just go the “refugee” route.
The other aspect is that anyone found engaging in acts of terror, or supporting them, can be jailed for up to fourteen years. Deary deary me!
At this stage cue the normal howls of outrage from the loony left. Canadians are being asked to give up their rights and freedoms. It's the start of a Police State. Disgusting!
Ag shame!
If carrying a Canadian dompas is what I have to do well so be it. But then I am a legal immigrant and have nothing to hide. Hopefully someday the Canadian authorities may realise that when it comes to terrorists you can't pick and choose who you support. It is an all out effort.
The public seems to have grasped that concept. The Government is remarkably slow to even begin to act responsibly in this matter.
It's a Canadian thing apparently.

October 15th 2001
When you move to a new country you need to learn all the public holidays over again. Most of course, are supposedly there to honour some famous person or deed from the past. In reality nowadays the real reason for a holiday is to get off work and indulge in food and drink in excess proportions. Which is why Victoria Day is known as the Two-Four weekend here. For those not in the know, a Two-Four being a case (twenty-four bottles) of beer.
On the second Monday in October we celebrate one of those holidays that we never had in South Africa but which is such an integral part of North American celebration. It is one holiday that I enjoy purely because it can be taken up by every person living within the country regardless of race colour or creed and especially without needing to even understand the history behind it.
I am referring to Thanksgiving Day of course. Which oddly enough has a long history behind it and the very simple need to have a family get together where you give thanks for all the blessings that you have. No matter how big or small.
Oddly enough, and despite years of Hollywood propaganda, Americans were not the first to either invent or celebrate Thanksgiving. That honour goes to an English explorer named Martin Frobisher who had a celebration in 1578, which is forty-three years before the Pilgrim Fathers, did the same in the United States. Mind you the Canadian version didn't involve Pilgrims, merely an explorer who spent years attempting to find a route to the Orient, Gold and Diamonds and wound up with a settlement on Baffin Island, Iron Pyrites and Quartz. He did however give thanks in 1578 for all that he had. Which given what I have just said he did have wasn't much but at least it shows the true spirit.
Mind you the origins of Thanksgiving find their roots in Celtic harvest festivals over two thousand years before when, once the summer harvest had been safely stored, the Celts prayed to their Gods for help in with the coming battles against Winter and the cold. Which when one looks at Baffin Island seems most of the year anyway.
The Celtic festival later combined with the Christian Feast of Saints and was bought across to the New World as well. This time by the Pilgrim Fathers, but as many Canadians will tell you, only in 1621. Of course they tend to leave out the effect that American settlers to Nova Scotia had in the seventeen hundreds which was, of course, Thanksgiving again!
As an aside here I would also like to point out that the French floating around the New World were no great slouches when it came to celebrating this period either. As befits the French they had huge banquets and even instituted “The Order of Good Cheer”! Which presumably got louder as the drink flowed. Interestingly they were a lot more liberal in sharing this bounty with their Indian neighbours.
Thanksgiving is not confined to celebrating the end of summer and a bounteous harvest only by the way. After the Seven Years War finished in 1763 the citizens of Halifax in Nova Scotia had a thanksgiving feast. Mind you this seems to be a Nova Scotian thing because they had already held a Thanksgiving feast in 1710 at Port Royal when the town was returned to the English! At which stage there is a lull in momentous reasons for a good nosh until 1872 when suddenly the British pop up again and the Canadian Confederation declares a Day of Thanksgiving to celebrate the recovery of the Prince of Wales.
Seeing as this appeared to be the sort of holiday approved of by all in 1879 the Canadian Parliament officially declared November 6th as a Day of Thanksgiving. This stayed in place until the end of the First World War when Remembrance Day and Thanksgiving Day were celebrated together.
Finally in 1957 the Canadian Government settled on the second Monday in October as the official date for a public holiday known as Thanksgiving. Or as they put it,
“A Day of General Thanksgiving to Almighty God for the bountiful harvest with which Canada has been blessed”.
Given the later rush to remove God from anything remotely organized I'm surprised that this reference hasn't been expunged yet but there you are. No doubt it is in the works somewhere on the loony lefts agenda. In the meantime people all over the country sit down to whatever food they can rustle up within their means to resemble a feast. This mostly revolves around vast quantities of Turkey and Pumpkin in all sorts of roasts, pies, side dishes and inevitably leftovers for days afterwards. Unless you have teenage sons that is!
This year I was informed by my Daughter that it was her chance to do the honours and a fine meal we had too. Except for the cranberries that is! In point of fact there weren't any! Which I think is why she wanted to do the cooking. I get the sneaky feeling that my addition of cranberries to the stuffing is not appreciated. Ah well you can't always get your own way I suppose. The whole meal was once again enjoyed with much gusto. In fact one day I intend to hire out certain boys around here as vacuum cleaners so little was left!
So once again I am in between work. Money is tight and we struggle forward slowly still but you know there are so many things I can be grateful for that this year I enjoyed saying my quiet thank you.
I hope those of you who were here did too. Too our American neighbours still to have their day my best wishes for your Day of Thanks. In fact to everyone Happy Thanksgiving and may the next years bring you a better harvest than this year.


October 9th 2001
First of all I should start with an apology. Some time back I made a comment about The Ex (Canadian National Exhibition) being an upscale version of the Rand Easter Show. In light of my attendance at said show I will have to revise my opinion. The Ex is what the Rand Easter Show would be if they had lots of money. In other words, a glorified flea market with kitsch pretensions. And cows in the corner!
Mind you for only $9 entrance it is not a bad days entertainment. Especially if you go on the last weekend when they have the Airshow dominating the proceedings. I was even luckier in that I was able to get reduced tickets through the concierge at the building where I worked. So the cost per ticket worked out at $6 instead. My Son decided that he and his friends needed, really needed, really really needed, to go on the last Monday of course, and so as the designated Taxi driver we all piled into the Ama-GlugGlug and set off. The last Monday is Labour Day here in Canada, which is a holiday. It is also the last day before schools open. So well over a million people decided to go as well. OK probably not, but it sure felt like it at times.
We left early and even managed to get parking inside the grounds. Just as well as the parking cost $17 inside while the cheapest parking outside was $25. We probably could have taken the GO train but at $10 per person it actually made sense to go by car for a change. Mind you my thinking that taking the car would save money really only applied to the youngsters as I still forked out the parking anyway. Ah well that's the role of a parent I suppose.
Of course where we parked was right opposite the carnival rides, which is where the boys disappeared and only re-appeared once their money was gone. Five teenage boys and about forty fluffy toys that they had “won” on the various sideshows. I suppose the easiest way to describe the carnival side of the show is to liken it to the ”fairgrounds” that often appear in Hollywood movies. Then expand that by about ten times. I have never seen so many fairground attractions. They were everywhere you went. In fact you couldn't walk from any of the areas without having to go through barkers and buskers and hundreds of people being suckered out of their money by smooth talking Carnies. Hence the fluffy toy laden lads when I got back to the car.
Mind you they had also partaken of the rides as well and seemed quite happy with the whole process. Ferris wheels, Dodgem cars, switchbacks and what appears to be the new way to create instant heart attack. The “drop of doom”. This is basically a tall tower that you go up in a chair. On the outside and all the way to the top. It then drops at a breathtaking speed (presumably not quite terminal velocity but close!). At least it provoked the widest eyes I've seen for a while.
Being far to old and chicken to part with money in order to scare myself witless I decided that trudging around the buildings was the more prudent way to get a good idea of what The Ex had to offer.
I started in the animal building and wandered around watching cows, sheep and chickens being thoroughly bored with all the humans staring at them. Of course the last laugh was on them. All over the building were signs reminding everyone to pop over for a tasting session. Cows at twelve. Sheep at one. Chicken at whenever. Am I the only one to find it odd that this whole animal complex was sponsored by a food processing company? Or that people were flocking to the tasting sessions to get their sample and then going back to eat it in front of the very animal that was probably the next mouth full.
After that I went to the “International” building. OK! This is where the flea market came into its own. Basically hundreds of little stalls selling everything, and I mean everything, from all over the world. Well actually that is what the signs said but basically it was merely a local with roots to whatever country the sign above the stall had printed on to it. Even then that didn't mean that the person manning the stall was actually from that country, or even knew anything about it either. One of the moments I enjoyed was pointing out to the person manning one of the South African stands that it was a pity that all the “art” he was trying to sell actually came from North Africa. About the only thing that could remotely be classed as South African were the Ostrich eggs and even then they were probably from Manitoba or some such. Actually there were a lot of South African stalls around. But no one was selling biltong! Just masks and Ostrich eggs and other touristy type things that no doubt appeal to the gullible.  It was also, oddly enough, where some South African, who had apparently been in Canada for twenty years, was carrying on about how bad Canada was and attacked me for immigrating. Weird.
So after dropping off some change and signing the petition against landmines I moved on to the crafts and hobbies building. The homemade part of the flea market. In other words the goods on sale were not mass-produced. Just more expensive, as befits anything that apparently is a labour of love. The love part being money I think.
At which stage the food hall beckoned and along with the other million people I checked out the repast from “around the world” that was offered. For money of course! Funny how many countries have the “hoddock” as a staple diet. Mind you I did get a couple of samoosas that despite the pastry were quite tasty. The hot sauce, which had mint in, was very good. At which stage I decided that I had to get a packet of Tiny Toms Doughnuts. Since I have been here in Toronto every year there is a eulogy written about these tiny doughnuts. So purely in the interest of research I bought a dozen. At $3 a dozen not exactly cheap. Mind you watching them make them and them walking off munching apple and cinnamon flavoured hot doughnuts I could almost see what all the hype was about.
I then wandered down to Ontario Place and found myself a good spot on the beach and spent a good couple of hours watching the Airshow. I can now add the “Thunderbirds” to the list of other aerobatic teams I have watched. As free shows go it was very entertaining. It is not often you get to see two Fokker DR1 Triplanes flying.
At which stage I decided that being on my feet walking around for five hours in blazing hot sun was rather tiring. Finding five knackered teenagers camped out in the shade of the van meant that a slow drive back home was in order.
Consensus of the show from all was that it is good fun but you need to have a lot of money to really enjoy yourself. This could have been a hint on reflection!
So we have begun saving for next year already.

October 2nd 2001
The chickens are coming home to roost. I don't only mean that metaphorically by the way.
Canadians are slowly beginning to realise what a spineless lot they have representing them up on Capitol Hill in Ottawa. The dithering, foot shuffling and, sadly, lies emanating from the peoples representatives are becoming more and more embarrassing to the average man in the street. Couple this with the patently biased propaganda campaign being waged by parts of the media and you begin to have a recipe for disgust.
For this “invisible minority” immigrant the last few weeks after the Trade Centre murders have been interesting to say the least.
Let's start with the actions of the immanently unsuitable Prime Minister. Hours after the atrocities the Prime Ministers of both Australia and Great Britain pledged their unqualified support for the efforts to hunt down the killers and bring them to justice. A few days passed before Mr.Chretien said that Canada would support the USA in it's efforts. Maybe. Possibly. Perhaps. If certain criteria were met!
This was at roughly the same time that he made the comment that no terrorists were in Canada or had used Canada to enter the USA. Despite mounting evidence to the contrary! Despite CSIS (the security department) having already delivered evidence to him that there are over fifty terrorist cells operating in Canada. Not to mention the terrorist who was apprehended crossing into the States with enough explosives in the boot of his car to blow up a sizable chunk of Los Angeles (his apparent target!). For well over a week the response from our Government (those members who weren't on holiday that is) was wishy-washy to say the least. Except when it came to matters close to the Liberal heart mind you.
Over one hundred thousand Canadians went to the Prayer service at Parliament Hill to show their support for the Americans. At which any mention of God was banned! This despite the fact that over ninety percent of Canadians profess to follow a religion of some sort. Not to mention that Canada is supposedly a Christian country. God was not to be mentioned. The Liberals decreed so. And thus it was!
One of the pilots killed in the attack was married to a Canadian and lived in Hamilton. His funeral was on the Friday following. Where was the Prime Minister? In a Mosque showing solidarity to the “visible minorities” who have been feeling threatened by looks lately. Well that appears to be the main complaint stressed ad nauseum in the left wing press anyway. At that stage about the only incidents reported were a bottle thrown at a mosque and a suspicious fire at a Hindu Temple. Oh and just about every Muslim the newspapers asked telling about the horrible looks they were receiving. Terrible racist threatening looks!
Here was where the full force of the Prime Ministers sound and fury was unleashed. Thundering away he made it obvious that there would be no tolerance for any “hate” crimes and “racist” actions against the Muslim community. Strong stuff indeed! Fire and brimstone! Finger wagging like PW at his best. Nothing must rock the social re-engineered multicultural façade that is Canada's pretence. In one foul sweep it became obvious that the Liberal Government was not interested in the greater Canadian majority. Only on ensuring that the immigrant vote that has seen them stay in power, remained in their pocket.
At which stage President Bush made the famous speech where Canadians were not amongst the nations thanked. Oh woe! What a wailing and gnashing of the teeth. The debate as to whether it was a snub or an oversight dominated the next few days. The Canadians need to be liked at all costs was severely tried. This was where I noticed the first really strong condemnation of Chretien being manifested in the media. Not by the journalists I might add but by the “average man in the street”. Letters to the editor and guests on phone in shows were virulent in their opposition to the Governments actions, or lack thereof actually. Sentiment was overwhelmingly anti-Chretien and his blundering cronies. Polls began to appear showing that fully eighty percent of Canada was in opposition to the way the Government was acting and thinking.
So what does Chretien do? He goes to New York to meet with President Bush. Better late than never eh? Then flies home to attend a Liberal Party fundraiser in Toronto. Does he pay respects to the murdered Canadians while he is in New York? Not a chance! He is too busy attending the fundraiser to take an hour out of his time to go to Ground Zero and show any form of acknowledgement of the citizens of his country. After all the Party faithful have lined up the pockets of a few fat cat businessmen to be fleeced. Much more important when it comes to running a country.
Suddenly realizing that there was a bit of an outcry at this insulting attitude the spin-doctors pointed out that actually Mayor Guliani had requested that Jean not attend because they were busy you see. Except that no one in New York, least of all, the Mayor made any comment at all. Chretien has become so used to lying, and getting away with it, that he doesn't even bother to lie plausibly anymore.
Of course this insulting attitude is not confined merely to the Prime Minister and his gutless minions. The propaganda war being waged by the left wing elements in the country has been gathering momentum.
Last week all the students in our local region were sent home with a letter basically stating that “hate” speech and actions would not be tolerated. I should hope so.
Except that the way it was worded, and the subsequent reporting of the actions of the person who wrote it, would appear to follow the line that once again this is only to be applied to certain sections of the community. It was, as I overheard a student state, a” Get out of jail free card” for the “multiculturals” to act like insufferable pricks!
I wonder whether the same punishment would be handed out to everyone regardless. Somehow I doubt it.
There was a fracas at one of the local schools that involved some Iranians, a girl and a few Canadian students who took exception to uncalled for comments. Despite protestations from all involved that it wasn't anything to do with the terror attack, by the time the newspapers had finished it was supposedly one of the main reasons for all Canadians being racists! A prime example of how nasty looks can escalate to intolerance. Of course there have been no retractions of the story. That wouldn't support the propagandists line would it?
The left wing newspapers continue their denigration of the United States and canonization of the poor oppressed in the Islamic countries. Daily we are fed lines about why the citizens of these countries are so angry. Basically it is all the fault of America. Interestingly I now notice that they have been feeding the line that Islam and Islamic countries are the targets. Having never seen or heard any official, or unofficial, comment from any of the parties involved, that Islam, as opposed to Bin Laden, is the target I am astounded at the blatant lie inherent here. But then why let a little truth spoil a good story!
One of the aspects of the affair that I have been enjoying over the last week has been the egg dancing and complete angst displayed by the loony left feminists in Toronto. Torn between their desire to attack the American Great Satan as the root of all masculine evil and the need to support their sisters in Afghanistan suffering under the Taliban regime. The doublespeak coming out of their mouths has been hilarious for a change. Pathetic but funny!
And for the cynical among you out there. Guess how long it took World Vision to change their African wide-eyed sad child to an Afghani wide-eyed sad child instead?
So life slowly resumes. Except that suddenly every good capitalist captain of industry has suddenly discovered that they can use the attack and subsequent recession as an excuse for layoffs. Not to mention asking the Government for loans as well. Yes life certainly seems to be back on course.
What has pleased me is that where before I sometimes wondered about the average Canadian and their beliefs, I am beginning to realise that that I should be more worried about the Canadian Government and the fools that are in it! Actually no! I think the insidious brainwashing that Canadians are exposed daily is really the major worrying factor. Even Naspers could take a lesson here!
Anyone know of a recession proof career that I can now try?