June 2005
June 13th 2005

June 13th 2005
So after Mr. Martins dismissal of the first no confidence vote as merely a procedural motion we waited for a week or two for what the Liberals judged to be an auspicious moment and had another vote.
Some very cynical observers of the process felt that this was because the Liberals were waiting for two Conservative MP's, who had cancer, to die so that the vote would at least be even. While we realise that the Liberals are that bloody minded and heartless some of the less cynical felt that they were engaged in the time honoured Liberal tradition of buying off potential votes.
Which ultimately proved to be the more accurate observation even though I wouldn't be at all surprised if the deaths of Opposition MP'S didn't feature highly in the plans as well.
Just before we had the next round of Ayes versus No's there was a defection from within the ranks of the Conservative Party.
Belinda Stronach the little-rich-girl-with-ambition moved over to the Lieberals when she was offered a Ministerial position within the Martin Government.
Stronach was the woman who ran for the Leadership of the Conservative party earlier and was resoundingly defeated. Her main claim to fame before that being the CEO of Magna motor parts Co. which was a company founded by her daddy and where she really had no other excuse except nepotism for being in the position she was. Even failing University apparently only made daddy more determined to have her running his empire into the ground. Mind you as a good little rich girl she managed to have a string of lovers and husbands and apparently was even the beloved of the Deputy Leader of the Conservatives Peter McKay.
Which incidentally led to one of the more puke inducing moments of the whole fiasco. This being the photo shoot taken the day after Stronach's defection where he was photographed, with his trusty dog, gazing pensively out to sea. Trusty dog was of course gazing sadly up at him.
Oh Woe is him. So much heartache. So many sad thoughts. Be STRONG Peter. For the sake of Canada and all jilted Canadian men. And their dogs.
No one seemed to remember that in the last few weeks Stronach had been reported on numerous occasions as Wild Bill Clintons inamorata.
Which if the reports were true would mean that McKay was already aware of the treacherous side to this woman anyway.
Ah but the photo-op. Never forget the photo-op.
Anyway while sowing his oats Billy must have left the odd thought in the vacuous head of Miss Stronach who suddenly saw the light and crossed the floor just in time to miraculously find there was a vacant seat waiting for her with her new title painted on it.
In all the hullabaloo this caused I seem to remember that none of the bipartisan press asked the most pertinent question of all which is as follows and should have been addressed to the 80 or so Lieberal MP's still warming seats on the backbench:
“How do you feel about all those years of service to the Lieberal Party seeing a rank amateur being offered a Ministerial Position over you in exchange for her treachery?”
Mind you I will admit that the Lieberals do admire dishonesty, deceit and treachery as the cornerstones of their political manifesto, so I suppose that they were happy to see someone who at the least had the guts to sell out her colleagues being rewarded in this fashion.
As it was they still had to rely on an independent for the final vote needed to gain a tied vote. Caroline Parrish the Great American Hater finally sided with the Government and voted for the status quo. It must have stuck in her throat to have to support Martin who effectively sacked her for her unrepentant, outspoken hatred of the USA. And him. Nearly forgot that vital point. Ms Parrish seemingly believing that only God had the right to address her, and even that was in a subservient role, was to put it politely, “not quite on speaking terms” with the prime Minister.
So with all the shenanigans we had a tied vote. This left it up to the Speaker of the house to cast his vote. Appointed by the Government and a Liberal MP as well there was never going to be any question as to which way his vote was going, despite the wonderful explanation that he was doing it to “keep the status quo”.
SO we had the Government squeaking in with the barest of majorities.
Now the never-ending bull starts in earnest.  
Within days an East Indian MP from the Conservatives produced a tape recording, which purported to show that he too was offered a seat in the Cabinet if he would defect as well.
Then there were the reports of the Liberals dancing up a storm and partying hard on the night of the vote with a fervour that belied the fact that they had narrowly squeaked through. A little bit of contrition may have been a bit more necessary but then the Liberals had managed to pull it off again so given their arrogance I suppose one could expect such a display.
In the weeks following the vote we have had the full spin-doctor actions of the Lieberal Party faithfull. Most notably in the media, who seem to think that the new order of the day is “The poll”. Polls with carefully selected questions now being trotted out on a regular basis to “prove” that Harper is the wrong leader of the Conservatives; that the people of Canada support the Lieberals; that Canada is traded to Patagonia in exchange for a Tim Horton's Double Double and an Apple Dutchie.
Well no I made the last one up obviously which is more or less what I suspect the Media does when it comes to pushing the party line via massively flawed polls.
What it does mean though is that we have a Government that has promised billions in taxpayers money to pet NDP projects of the feel good, socially wishy-washy variety, still abuses the taxpayers money while pretending that they haven't really stolen it despite the Gomery enquiries findings so far and now has a bubble headed bimbo in a ministerial position along with the others that act as eye candy to the nation and hopefully distract the average male voter from too many pointed questions.
As the months of summer slip by and the Gomery Inquiry receded from the public mind (and you can bet every effort will now be made by the Liberal Media to do that) Prime Minister Martin is probably fervently hoping that when it finally presents all the evidence collected so far the Canadian Electorate will have forgotten how explosive it is and he will be able to pretend he didn't say we will have an election.
Mind you Parliament is still in a position where the independents hold power and I wonder what will happen when they all disagree with the Government together.
Should be interesting.
OK. The way the Lieberals weasel their way out of the next No Confidence vote will be interesting.
In Canada liars, cheats and thieves rule the roost and the electorate is to damn lazy or indoctrinated to do anything about it anyway.
And they think Africa is corrupt!