May 2005
May 23rd 2005
May 9th 2005

May 23rd 2005
And so it begins!
Yesterday the Conservatives and the Bloc Quebecois defeated the Liberal Party Government and its NDP remora in a 153 to 150 vote split.
The vote was a procedural motion put forward by the Tories and BQ asking a Parliamentary Committee to recommend that the Government resign.
All fair and well. Sounds reasonable.
So it was voted on and the Government was defeated. At which stage you expect the Government to at least make the motion of going to the public for a renewal of their mandate. After all this amounted to a motion of no confidence in the ability of the Government to perform their duties.
Which at the moment appears to be doing nothing and promising millions to do less.
Suddenly the Third World face of Canada took over.
I now understand why it is that so many African countries love Canada. After all they seem to have learned all their lies, thieving and deviousness from the current Liberal Party. No wonder then that Martin seems to find it more important to talk about aid to Africa than the skullduggery taking place at home.
Even more important was the Liberals reaction to the vote.
Oh. No! Says Mr. Martin. We won't resign. This was only a procedural motion and doesn't amount to an expression of no confidence in the Government.
Of course not Mr. Martin.
Feel free to hang on to power at all costs. After all you haven't stolen all of the taxpayers money yet. And then there is that little promise you made to the NDP. And the other promise to the Ontario Liberals. And the promise to ….who was it now? Some group or other that the Liberals rely heavily on to shore up their rapidly slipping support.
Mind you Mr. Martin, are you sure that you should be promising all this money to all and sundry out there? After all won't that leave to little for the Liberal Party and its leeches to siphon off for their own nefarious purposes?
And given that the Ontario sheep still seem to be adhering to the propaganda line and blindly supporting the Liberals is there really a reason to try to bribe the electorate?
At least that was the line according to the local Liberal supporting newspapers. Within hours of Martin reneging on proroguing Parliament they went into full overdrive in the mind washing stakes.
Out come the old “Harper (the Leader of the Conservatives) is an American loving, National Health Hating, anti-abortionist, fundamental Christian - with a hidden agenda”! It is the “Hidden Agenda” part which is so ludicrous.
The political platform of the Conservatives is out in the open for all to read, digest and have an opinion on. Oddly enough it is probably, this being Canada, a pretty left of centre view. In fact only in Canada would this party be labeled Right Wing.
Only in Canada would a party that lies and steals and generally treats the electorate as mindless fools be preferred over another party merely because they are perceived to be “clones of the Americans”
Having said all that I was interested to see that there was a massive shift in public perceptions this week. Even the Toronto Star had the figures prominently displayed. Which given their hierarchy in the Liberal propaganda machine is a pretty good indicator that there are some serious problems and the Liberal Party knows it.
From loudly proclaiming that the Liberals had more support than the Conservatives there was a rather muted comment to the effect that the latest poll showed that the Liberals had dropped dramatically and now trailed them, while even support for the NDP had increased to levels close to the Liberals.
Tucked away even more discreetly was the figure that showed that the PQ would walk Quebec if an election were held tomorrow. Which given that the Adscam inquiry was started supposedly over an attempt to STOP Quebec seceding has proven to be a spectacular failure of doctrine. Mind you it was a spectacular success for all the people who were given millions of tax dollars.
Of interest is that Paul Martin is actually Paul Martin Jr.
Paul Martin Sr. was also in the Canadian Government and he too tried to be the PM for many years. In fact many people feel he was one of the people who should have been PM and would have been a very good, and dare I say it, ethical PM.
The story is that Senior imbued Junior with the same lust for the top position as he had had and that Junior has tried for many years to get there only to see his triumph crumble in the end. In fact he may turn out to be one of the shortest reigning PM's as well. This is probably why Martin is so desperately clinging on to power.
Memories of Joe Clark and the Conservatives being turfed out of power after the excesses of the Mulroney years must surely be a constant, and bitter, reminder of how a new PM can pay for the mistakes of his predecessor.
Not that it is working. In a poll conducted by the Strategic Counsel Martin was considered the most dishonest leader of all the political parties in Ottawa by 63% of the people polled. Even worse 54% said he was the most hypocritical.
Presumably the electorate is beginning to realise that theft and dishonesty is still the same no matter who indulges.
Now all that remains is to get them riled up enough to actually get up off the coach and go cast a ballot.
The final straw however must be the political comment I read where the Canadian Government was compared to the Zimbabwean one.
For Canadians to even contemplate that shows how far down the Liberals have slipped in contempt.
Or how similar in tactics the Liberal Party has become in its effort to hold on to power at all costs.
Given the Liberals love affair with Africa I will be kind and merely say that imitation is a pretty poor form of flattery in this case.

May 9th 2005
“Power tends to corrupt
And absolute power corrupts absolutely”

Sometimes we all enjoy a good “I told you so” and none more so than when it is a sanctimonious person who is found with their hand in the till.
Those of you who follow my missives will know that my opinion of the Liberal Party of Canada is low. About the only thing lower being the unthinking sheep who, despite all the evidence to the contrary, insist on putting this bunch of crooks liars and thieves back into power on a regular basis so that they can carry on usurping their power for their own nefarious deeds.
In fact I have been castigated on numerous occasions for being “nasty” about the Government and told to shut up and be a good immigrant.
Although why my silence would make me a good immigrant puzzles me. I would have though that getting involved and being a vocal part of the process is more important than being compliant. After all that is precisely what the Liberals want out of their immigrants. Total unblinkered compliance and a vote that places them back in power.
Despite more and more evidence coming to light about how they have stolen billions of dollars from the public purse and used it to enrich themselves and their pals.
As evidence began to mount up that Teflon Jean Cretin the last PM was involved in some nastiness, Paul Martin, the new Prime Minister, decided to institute a commission of inquiry headed up by Judge Gomery to investigate the extent of the corruption inherent in the Government and the Civil Service.
Whether Martin did this to get back at Chretien without actually thinking through the consequences is interesting. Martin and Chretien weren't exactly the best of pals but Martin was the Finance Minister in the Government at the time and as such was, should have been, could have been, must have been involved. To then institute an inquiry that could implicate him seems bizarre. Unless he genuinely believed that nothing would come out or, even stranger, he didn't know squat and wasn't ashamed at being portrayed as a bumbling fool who hadn't a clue what was happening under his nose.
Mind you given his performance since the start of the revelations I am inclined to believe that Martin may be a good man but he seems to be totally lost at sea and trying to please everyone while pleasing none. Although I think that there is a huge amount of desperation creeping into his actions as it becomes apparent that this Government ids heading for an election very quickly and that there is a good chance of it being defeated at the polls, such is the tide of anger washing over the electorate lately.
It appears that Martin and his cronies are aware of their dislike and seem desperate to remain rooting at the trough and so every despicable action and trick is being trotted out to fool the electorate again. The left wing media in radio and TV going into overtime on the same tired, hackneyed “Right wing agenda” canard that has served them so well in previous elections.
This time however the ordinary man in the street seems a little more perturbed by the theft of their money than whether Harper as opposition leader may have some hidden agenda (which I might add is only hinted at by the left wing propagandists and never specifically identified. This is despite there being a full manifesto available to anyone who wishes to read it.)
For myself the full impact of how the Liberals are panicking came about when Martin went onto TV for a broadcast to the Nation.
I am not sure how he came across to other people but to me he seemed shifty, scared and totally untrustworthy.
Of course no one questioned the use of public funds to use public media outlets to ask Canadians to trust him to find out what had happened to the public funds that the last Government had stolen.
`Give me time” he bleated. “Don't kick us out until the Judge has finalized his report.”
Sure. Why not? We may as well let them steal us blind until we are one hundred percent sure eh?
If that wasn't bad enough shortly afterwards we had the interesting spectacle of the far left NDP suddenly jumping into bed with the Liberals so that there wouldn't be an election before certain pet projects of the left were instituted. Mind you the way Martin put it was very ambiguous and perfidious in its extreme. My understanding was that he offered the NDP a host of trendy lefty promises and money in exchange for their votes come a no motion debate and that all of these promises were, to put it plainly, quite worthless! Even given that it was taxpayer's money he was promising.
You would have thought that the NDP being past masters at this type of duplicity themselves, would have cottoned on.
Interestingly we now have the Conservatives and Parti Quebecois lined up against the Liberals and NDP in a fight to topple the Government.
I say interesting as the Conservatives main support lies in the Western Provinces while we all know how the PQ would like nothing better than to have independence. There have been some serious mutterings about Alberta seceding as well so we have the interesting spectacle of the possible break up of Canada being supported from two political opposites.
In addition the original aim of the corruption that has been exposed was ostensibly to stop Quebec from gaining independence. How stupid will the whole exercise have been if ultimately it actually causes the total break up of Canada.
Judging by the poll reports of most Ontarians still voting Liberal despite this evidence of Liberal theft, lies and duplicity that may in fact be a lot closer than many of us think.