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Welcome to the South Africans in Ontario web site.

Yes we are back online at last.
Just don't ask OK?
The newsletter has still been going strong weekly by the way!
Since I originally wrote the welcome piece to this site over four years ago many aspects have changed!
We now know that officially there are over 30,000 South Africans in Ontario and possibly up to 50,000 when you factor in some of the people that are not "officially" here as immigrants.
The latest figures for Canada put our numbers at 300,000 and rising (although very slowly judging by the long waiting times to get visas)
The largest group still live in British Columbia followed by Ontario with Alberta getting a lot more of us lately!
We no longer have the e-mail address readily available on the site thanks in part to one unscrupulous spam artist and the need to be a lot more security conscious as well.This doesn't mean that we can't contact each other, merely that it will now be necessary to go through the web master.
Since the start of the web site we have grown in leaps and bounds. There is also a newsletter that goes out regularly to thousands of South Africans here in Ontario.
As I originally stated one of the most important aspects of Canadian life is the need to network. Whether it is for business or pleasure it forms an important part of the Canadian way of doing things. South Africans have a vast range of talents and abilities. This site will include a listing of different areas of help that the local South Africans can offer to you. In the end the most telling representation of a countries visibility is that of the people who form a community together.
In the future I expect to see the South African community accorded the same respect as many of the other communities that have made Canada the wonderful country that it is today.

Hamba Kahle

This site was updated on December 9th  2007

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