In addition to all my normal ways of annoying people I must list the ability to use the written word to spark controversy. Currently I write for an online newsletter. As a South African ( and I suppose even if you aren't) you can access the letter by joining up at South Africans Worldwide.
I also contribute to different club magazines, the latest being the local Mensa group where I give my views on Canada as a ( rapidly diminishing) newcomer.
As the main thrust of these articles is to discuss Canada and my daily findings I am adding them to this site for those of you who would like to get a better idea as to "normal" life here. I am splitting them into the two different sets as I try to write weekly for one and monthly for the other. In addition some of you will have read the SAW articles and probably don't want to go over them again.
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In May this year I became the President of the local Mensa Southern Ontario. As such I now write a column which is slightly different in scope. I thought what the heck why not put that in as well. After all maybe it may gain a few new members.