Shopping Around
One of the few things that does raise my eyebrows is the continuous moaning that I hear about not being able to get this or that, or missing this or that.
Why anyone thinks that missing Marmite or Mrs Balls is the be all and end all of life is beyond me.
OK people understand this...In Canada you CAN get just about everything that you could in South Africa and much, much more on top. The range of goods is enormous and you will find all the ingredients for whatever baking you wish to do if you can't find the item prepackaged! The diversity of goods from all over the world makes for exciting shopping at first. I still like strolling around the local supermarket making up my mind as to which new exotic product I get to try this month.
Because Ontario has such a large immigrant population there are many little stores that have indigenous ingredients. Checking out the goods is a true adventure.
The good news is that if you live in and around Toronto you can get any of the South African goods that you may be missing. Cheaply and within a reasonable distance.
We might be spoiled out here in Oakville because we have two butchers who make Biltong. Very good it is too by the way. One of them makes a good boerewors as well. In fact if you live near Oakville then I suggest taking a trip out to Florence Meat Supplies and get some to try out. And for those of you who really need Mrs Balls Chutney, Marmite and Ouma....guess what?...they have it in stock! If you live slightly further out in Ontario check out the website for online ordering.
Florence Meat Supplies
81 Florence Drive Oakville
Phone : 905-8422066

Karen Saltz has also sent me the following information for those of you who live to the north of Toronto and don't want to travel all the way out to Oakville (why? hmm?)
"In Thornhill, the Guardian pharmacy, Olde Town Place ( Don Mills and Steeles), keeps a good supply of SA foodstuffs, as does Sedo Snacks on John St. You can even get biltong and kingklip there. Bon Appetit!"

Here's a piece of useful information for those of you who like your Rooibos Tea. Right here in Burlington we have a business that imports South African Rooibos to help you stay healthy. Go to the following website for further information :
Montego Rooibos Herbal Tea has been in operation since we arrived in Canada in 2000.
We sell Organic Rooibos, Organic Honeybush, Green Rooibos and some Rooibos Flavours. We also import various products containing the Rooibos Extract; Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner, Hand and Body Lotion etc.
Visit us online at: or call Andre: 1.866.824.8058.

Here's a store that has carried South African food stuff for over 16 years. All the normal goodies that you long for.
Baxter's Fine Foods
798 Sheppard Avenue East
North York  (between Bayview and Leslie)

I have found a Cafe out in John Street Markham that carries South African goodies as well as Boerewors and Biltong! The boerie and billies come from Florence Butchery in Oakville so I can recommend it. It's
Marina's Fine Food's
John Street  (close to Woodbine Avenue)

Protea Imports
While lurking on one of the group forums online I saw a comment about a company that imports and sells South African foodstuffs. They deliver all over North America and have a good range of different goods. In addition much of the food is kosher. You can order online as well.
Having had a look at the range of products I am impressed. There is even PAP to go with the braai. Lecol drinks (remember them?) and a host of other products. Well worth a look!

P.O Box 42029, 2851 John Street Markham, Ontario, L3R 5R7
Phone: 905-470-9558

Sometimes you fail to see what is right under your nose! I have been into Fanatasy Fruit Market on Speers road in Oakville quite often and it was only when someone mentioned it to me that I discovered that the meat Manager there is a South African. In fact the whole family work in the butchery! They make their own biltong and boerewors as well. While you are at it have a chat to Frank Beleta.
Fantasy Fruit Market
427 Speers Road Oakville Ontario L6K3S8
Phone : 905-8423602

A new Canadian shopping place at last. In Vancouver this time but I am assured that they deliver all over North America.
Out of Africa Trading Ltd.
4291 Fisher Drive
Richmond BC V6X 3S4
Tel: (604) 821-0806
Fax: (604) 821-0807
e-mail  :
Web site :

Here's another Vancouver based South African goodies store
They import all SA goodies (including Woolworths stuff)and make their own Biltong, droewors and different flavours of boerewors

Braai Supplies
Another Vancouver based online store selling South African sports clothing. And flags! Fairly reasonable prices for the rugby jersey's as well.Although why they call themselves braai supplies is an interesting point!

Wetherlys Furniture
Des Brown has distribution rights for Wetherlys ( Furniture and Decor )in Canada and will be opening a distribution point/retail outlet in Ancaster. They currently have stock of fine Wetherlys furniture ( Mostly made out of Kiaat - Petrocarpus Angolensis ). As Des says : He will be glad to give any South Africans a GOOD discount.
Des Brown
Tel. 289 242 3036

Sedo Snax
60 Green Lane Unit 34
Ph: 906 731 1779
e-mail :

Make gift baskets for all occasions and will make up that special one with South African goodies in them! Check out the website for all the different versions available

"Eat-Sum-More Inc"
The store specializes in Biltong, Chili Bites, Dry Worse, Boereworse, Melkterts and Dried Fruit.
7700 Bathurst Street, Unit # 6
Thornhill, On
L4J 7Y3
Tel (905) 881-1368

The Biltong Boykie
Homemade traditional biltong made with authentic spices imported from South Africa.
Made to order. Can ship to anywhere in Canada.
Please visit Contact Steven at (416) 875-6297 or email:

South African food stuffs shipped across Canada.

African Ceramics
Located in Hudson in Quebec thi scompany sells ceramics from Cape Town