Rights and Responsibilities
Citizenship rights
Under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Canadian citizens are guaranteed the right to:
be a candidate in federal, provincial and territorial elections;
be educated in either official language;
apply for a Canadian passport;
vote in federal, provincial and territorial elections; and
enter and leave Canada freely.
Citizenship also brings responsibilities. For example,voting in elections is both a right and a responsibility. Before you read the next section, review the list of rights and try to think of the responsibilities that come with them.
Citizenship responsibilities
As Canadian citizens, we share the responsibility to:
vote in elections;
help others in the community;
care for and protect our heritage and environment;
obey Canada's laws;
express opinions freely while respecting the rights and freedoms of others; and
eliminate discrimination and injustice.
Getting involved in Canada
Being a Canadian citizen is more than voting and obeying laws. Being a citizen also means getting involved in your community and your country. Everyone has something to give to make Canada a better place. Here are some ways to participate:
Join a community group such as an environmental group.
Volunteer to work on an election campaign for a candidate of your choice.
Help your neighbours.
Work with others to solve problems in your community.
Become a candidate in an election.